Memory and Legacy

Custom digital drawings

Memory and Legacy was born from my desire to have a photograph that was impossible. My grandmother passed away one week after I had my daughter. She never got to meet her. I never got to take that four generation photo. I never got to see us all together. So, I taught myself how to draw. I taught myself how to take the photo I had imagined for so long and make it tangible.

Memorial drawings and photography go hand in hand and work so well together. I have photographed countless weddings where someone special has been absent. A parent, sibling, grandparent, best friend... Someone who was supposed to be there was missing forever.

How to order

To order your custom drawing please fill out the contact form with as much information as you can provide. If you have any questions please let me know. I will send you a quote and an estimated completion date. 50% is due upfront and 50% is due at completion.

Memorial/Addition Drawing

With this selection I will merge two or more photos together to create one large drawing that includes all members of your friends and family.

Full Illustration

A full illustration differs from a memorial drawing only in that I will not be merging two photos. This will be a digital rendering of one single photo. This is option is great for images that are low quality, like an old cell phone image, or just a fun, different way to display a favorite photo.

Line drawing

This selection is like the full illustration however it will not have color. This is a simple line drawing or outline of a photo. These are perfect for maternity photos to remember the simple perfection of your growing belly. Hang these in your nursery for a minimalist reminder of your babies first home.

Do you want a custom drawn full background or a solid color block surrounding the subjects?

For memorial drawings only