Love being a photographer but hate all the editing? Struggling to find consistency?

Do you have little kids? Are you working more than one job? Can't find any work/life balance?

The reasons behind looking for a personal editor are endless.

But your search is over!

My name is Sammie! I have been a photographer for just over 11 year. I have always loved the editing side of this job. The side that I found a lot of photographers don't love so much. Looking at before and afters is one of my favorite ways to kill time. Editing a raw photo into a work of art people will love for generations gives me life and all the happy vibes. I know that hiring out your editing can be really scary. "Giving up" that creative control is not something that I take lightly. Rest assured that I will work with you every step of the way to maintain the quality that your clients have come to know and love. Whether you shoot light and airy, dark and moody, or true to color I have edited in all of those styles. My editing calendar is booking up fast. Don't wait another minute to gain your life back and say goodbye to editing! Ready to learn more? Let's go!



You're indecisive? You can't decide?
No worries - I can!
Send over your gallery and I will quickly cull down your shoot to whatever number of images you need.

$0.10 Per image

Basic Edit

Basic edits include applying your preset and adjusting exposure and color balance.

$0.20 per image

Full edit

A full edit includes preset application, as well as adjusting exposure, white balance, contrast, cropping, & straightening.

$0.40 per image

Rush Fee

Need your images - like - now? My rush fee is based on the amount of photos in the gallery. Please shoot me an email and we can talk about how to quickly and efficiently get your shoot edited and sent off!

Additional Edits

Edits such as simple blemish retouching, cloning, and brushing can be added on to any gallery for an additional $0.20 an image.

Complex Edits

Edits such as head swaps, background extensions, extensive blemish retouching, or large object removal can be added on for an additional fee ranging from $2-$10 per image. These edits are priced based on the extent of the photoshop necessary.

What are the next steps?

Apply to be a client!

I will edit 15-20 images for free as a trial order prior to taking on paid orders for you so that you can be sure I am able to match your style and editing preferences well. For your free edits I suggest sending a selection of images taken in different lighting situations.

If we haven’t worked together before or if your style is evolving, please provide me with anchor photos that you would like me to use as reference for your editing style. I can refer to a blog post or Instagram feed if preferred.

How does this work?

Once you've booked your wedding or portrait session, you'll need to reserve a date in my calendar to ensure a spot in my editing schedule. Early reservation is encouraged!

After photographing the session/event, you'll edit several anchor images from various lighting conditions from throughout the day for me to use as a baseline to match. Then, the LR smart previews you'd like me to edit and/or cull will be sent via Dropbox.

Once I receive your catalog via Dropbox, an invoice will be generated. Once the invoice is satisfied, I will begin the editing process on your gallery. Turn around times are generally 5-7 business days. Once complete, you'll receive a new LR smart preview catalog containing the edited images.

Ongoing feedback is encouraged and is part of our partnership

Do you have a question?

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